Village ID/IOT Labs

The IoT Village CTF allows participants to hack numerous off-the-shelf devices (e.g. medical devices, home appliances, routers, and storage devices, cameras etc). IoT Village will be hosting a selection of these off-the-shelf devices that participants can interact with to learn the basics of IoT hacking in the form of a CTF. A Laptop is required for full participation.

The IoT Hacking 101 debuted at Defcon 27, this hands on lab gives attendees the opportunity to learn the tools, techniques, and some of the common weaknesses used in IoT device hacks. Whether you're a penetration tester that has never hacked IoT devices or even someone that has never hacked anything(!), this self-guided lab will walk you through all the steps from analyzing router firmware, finding hidden backdoors, enumerating devices and performing remote exploits. Students work at their own pace following our IoT Hacking 101 guide, and instructors are on hand to provide assistance as needed and answer any questions.

Car Hacking Village

Join @mintynet and the rest of the Car Hacking Village UK team.

Ian brings a ‘CAR in a box’ which is most of the ECU components from a Peugeot 208. This is configured so that all the main dials on the vehicle work, Speedo, rev counter, fuel gauge and temp gauge. Ian Tabor is a network / security architect that has a passion for car hacking, found vulnerabilities in his own car and also private Car bug bounties. Now runs Car Hacking Village UK and is part of the team behind CHV at defcon.